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Daily keg rental for total flexibility
Keg washing : drive-in or pick-up
Repairing your kegs for a longer service life
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Managing your keg fleet with Kegsman: a piece of cake!

With Kegsman, forget your economic and logistical problems by serving up your products in kegs.

Your kegs on demand

You rent only the kegs you need, when you need them. Ideal for events and one-off requests.

Money saved

No capital immobilisation, no setup costs, no machine maintenance costs: invest in your production!


Our complete cleaning cycle has been lab-tested and approved for impeccable results that ensure the quality of your product.

Drive-in cleaning

Simplify the cleaning of your kegs with our drive-in service: schedule an appointment online and bring your kegs to us in Pampigny or Grenchen for reconditioning.

Real-time status tracking

With our Kegsman app, you have a real-time overview of all kegs: current location (stock, bar, event) and condition (clean, being cleaned, etc.).

Increased durability for your kegs

With our repair service, there’s no need to replace a keg due to an unusable head, just bring it to us. It’s good for you, and good for the planet too.

Keg rental from 1 day

Meet any demand without incurring purchasing or storage costs, thanks to the flexibility of your fleet.
Rent kegs

Cleaning and reconditioning
of your kegs

Focus on your production, we’ll take care of cleaning your kegs.

Repairing your kegs

Ensure the longevity and durability of your kegs with our keg head maintenance and repair service.
Have your kegs repaired
Our Kegsman app

Follow your kegs anywhere

As a bonus, our keg rental service offers you access to the Kegsman app, allowing you to always know the whereabouts of your kegs.
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The Kegsmen at your service

All about us
As beer enthusiasts, our initial project was to develop our own brewery. Once the keg market had been researched, the conclusion was clear: breweries need help to manage their kegs.

That’s when Kegsman was born.
We have been active in this field since 2021.
Two depots at your service in Pampigny (VD) and Grenchen (SO).
In 2023, we began collaborating with winemakers.
A fleet of 15,000 kegs at your disposal.
97 customers trust us so far.