Rent long-term and invest in your production
Daily rental to supplement an existing stock
Hyper-responsive service even in case of emergencies
Say goodbye to plastic kegs
Control your costs while remaining flexible

Short or long term keg rental

Need a few kegs for an event? Or alternatively, do you wish to build your keg fleet solely through rentals?

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Why use our rental service?

Because it’s good for your wallet

No capital immobilisation

With our long-term rental services, invest your money in your production without burdening yourself with the purchase of kegs.

Cost and cash control

We help you control your expenses and improve your cash flow management with our rental and maintenance solutions.

Because it’s good for your organisation

Rental starting from 1-day

Our rental system perfectly adapts to the seasonality of our industry and your one-off events to optimize your stock management.

Responsiveness and flexibility

Be responsive to demand by quickly increasing your stock, even for urgent requests. We’re responsive and flexible, even for last-minute events.

Because it’s good for the planet

Reduces waste

With our keg rental solution, say goodbye to disposable kegs and contribute to environmental preservation. Thanks to regular maintenance, we extend the lifespan of your kegs.

Sustainability goals achieved

With us, you make a responsible choice that helps you achieve your sustainability and social responsibility goals (ISO 14001).
Our Kegsman app as a bonus!

Keep track of your rental kegs

As a bonus, our keg rental service offers you access to the Kegsman app, allowing you to always know the whereabouts of your kegs.
Eliminate the risk of Kegnapping with tags on your drums.
Get an overview of the location and condition of each keg
No more picking up kegs after an event and realizing they’re missing
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They trust us

The Kegsman Keg

When you rent our kegs, you’ll be working with the Kegsman keg and believe us, it’s not just any keg!

Our European-made stainless steel kegs offer a unique guarantee for your beer in terms of hygiene and reliability.

Durable and resistant, our kegs are safe to handle and thus contribute to the well-being of brewers.

Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel, our kegs are our solution for avoiding the use of plastic and continuing to brew in an environmentally-friendly way.

Kegsman keg identity card

Volume20 liters
Weight5.40 kg
Diameter237 mm
Height558 mm