Save time and stay zen

Have your kegs cleaned by Kegsman

Delegate keg cleaning to professionals for impeccable cleaning.

Laboratory-approved cleaning
Kegsman pick-up from your premises
Drive-in warehouse by appointment
Longer service life thanks to optimised cleaning cycles

How does it work?

Step 1
Calculate your costs
Fill in our quote request form to obtain an estimate of cleaning costs based on your needs.

Step 2
We call you and we optimise
We’ll get back to you with a final quote and discuss logistics: how often and, above all, how will the barrels be delivered?
Step 3
Keg pick-up or drive-in?
Pick-up by Kegsman
We’ll collect the drums from your premises and return them to you.
You schedule an appointment to bring an agreed number of kegs to our premises for complete reconditioning.

Step 4
We recondition your kegs

We recondition your kegs with a modern, precise, and environmentally friendly washer.

The washing is entirely done by us and ensures impeccable cleaning, thus reducing the risks of contamination.

Our complete cycle includes : water, soda, acid and steam. As well as repressurisation between 0.8 and 1.1bar (food-grade nitrogen).

This process guarantees the sterilisation of your kegs and therefore the ideal conditions for your beverage.

Step 5
Return of your kegs according to the agreed method

Why delegate the cleaning of your kegs?

Save time

Spend your valuable time on the production and development of your product.

Save money

Purchasing a professional washer for your kegs is a significant cost, not to mention maintenance and cleaning expenses!

Ensure the quality of your product

Our washing method is approved and tested in the lab to minimise the risk of contamination as much as possible.

Let’s think together about the environment

Our studied and optimised washing infrastructure allows for up to 40% water savings.

Our services & prices

Complete Solution

The complete solution includes :

  • Pickup of kegs from your premises
  • Reconditioning of your kegs
  • Delivery of your kegs

The cost of this service varies depending on your geographical location.

That’s why we only share these rates upon request for a quote.

Calculate costs


Bring your kegs to our premises for complete reconditioning or exchange your Kegsman kegs.

CHF 4.50 per 15-litre keg
CHF 6.00 per 20-litre keg
CHF 8.00 per 30-litre keg
CHF 12.00 per 50-litre keg
If you’re already a customer, you can schedule a drive-in appointment directly below.